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Knitty Patreon FAQ

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(FAQ updated April 2016)

Q. I can't/don't want to pay. Can I still read Knitty?

A: Absolutely, yes!

Q. When will you bill me for my pledge?

A: We send out a post to all Patrons that indicates a new issue has been released about a week after each the new issue is live. That post tells Patreon that it's time to bill our Patrons for their pledges. They will do the actual billing on the first day of the next calendar month. Please note that Patreon bills pledges to Knitty (and all their Content Creators) in USD.

Q. I was charged at the beginning of the month following the new issue, but I’ve decided I don’t like the issue and want a refund.

A. When a new issue goes live, you have till the end of that calendar month to decide if you’d like your pledge to get charged or not. If you don’t do anything, the pledge is charged on the first day of the next calendar month. Once the pledge has been charged, we’re unable to make refunds.

Q. If you get enough support, will you remove advertising?

A. Knitty exists for two main reasons: to help find and promote new and existing knitting design talent and to support the knitting industry. A huge part of what we enjoy as knitters are the yarn, books, tools, bags and knitwear designs that are created for our benefit. We consider the ads on our pages an essential, fundamental part of our mission, and we very much enjoy seeing what our advertisers have to offer! Giving manufacturers, designers, retailers and publishers an affordable place to share their products with the knitting community is important to us, and we do not plan to eliminate that vital platform of communication.

support Knitty!

Q. Can I make a one-time donation instead of becoming a Patron?

A. Absolutely! Thank you! But Patreon doesn't have a place for that, so the easiest thing to do is to send your donation to us via Paypal. Just click the cute pink button on the right.

Q. By request: I'd like to send you a donation monthly or annually without being part of the Patron program. How do I do that?

A. Wow! Okay, we've set a few options for you. If you'd like to donate either $5 or $10 per month, or $25 per year, just click the appropriate button and it will take you to Paypal. Once there, you can fill in your details and Paypal will bill you automatically for that amount (either monthly or annually, whichever you have selected) until you cancel. THANK YOU for your support!

Q. I would rather send you a check than use a credit card or Paypal. May I?

A. Absolutely! Thank you! However, we have no way to track you within the Patreon platform without an accompanying online contribution, so we are unable to offer you the rewards you'd normally get as part of one of the Patron levels.

If you're okay with donating without receiving rewards, here's our address:

Knitty magazine
2255b Queen Street East
Toronto, ON
Canada M4E 1G3

Thank you!

Q. I signed up for a level that offers a tangible goody like a sticker or patch. When will I receive it?

A. To make the best use of your donation, we'll be ordering items like stickers and patches in bulk and sending out one Reward mailing per year. We'll keep you posted about the status of the annual mailing on our Patron News Feed, so you'll know when they're ordered AND when they're shipping.

Update: After much deliberation, testing of systems and budgeting, this is what makes sense: We're going to send out one set of rewards a year per category. We'll pick an arbitrary day somewhere within the Reward year (we're in 2015 Rewards now...it will change to 2016 with the launch of the Deep Fall issue this year; every Deep Fall issue going forward will be the beginning of a new Reward year) and those Patrons enrolled on that arbitrary day will receive the rewards.

What if you sign up but leave before the chosen month? I have no way of knowing you were here, once you've left. The Patreon system only records current Patrons and their current pledge level. Imagine if it recorded every sign up, change in pledge level and exit...how could I possibly stay on top of so much data? It'd be impossible. And really, the goal is to keep Knitty supported, which means we really need you to stay with us. The Rewards are budgeted based on a year's worth of support from each Patron, so we think this is the fairest way to fulfill our part of the deal.

So whether you signed up in Deep Fall 2015 for the 2015 Reward Year, or in January 2016, if you're still here when I download the database on the arbitrary day, you'll get the 2015 Reward.

MUCH deliberation and math has gone into this, and this seems the only practical way that I can manage 3000+ Patrons and their Rewards. We'll be mailing out the 2015 Rewards to the Tangy + Piquant Patrons in April 2016. The Extraspicy and higher Patrons will have their Rewards mailed out in June, after TNNA (the industry trade show), because that's when the extra swag that's part of their levels will be ready.

Q. What logo will be on the swag?

A. The logo you see at the top of this page will be on all swag! We think it's pretty neat and hope you love it, too! The logo will be updated in September 2016, and we'll release a new batch of swag in 2017 for our Patrons!

Q. I signed up for the Mellow level, but would like to change to a different level. Can I?

A. Yes, you can change your pledge level at any time! You'll get the appropriate access to any online goodies right away after making the change. For example, if you go from Tangy to Piquant, you'll get an invitation to the next Webcast!

Q. What’s the difference between a WebCAST and a WebCHAT?

A. A Webcast (offered at the Piquant level) is a one-way party! You’ll get to see and hear me (and my occasional special guests) on screen, as if you were in a big auditorium. You can type in questions and our moderator will pass them to me so I can answer as many as possible! All you need to enjoy this Webcast is a current computer and high-speed internet.

A Webchat (offered at the Extraspicy level and above) is a smaller, more intimate gathering. Technology permitting, we will invite you on screen for part of the chat, if you'd like! (If you’re shy, you can type in your questions and comments instead of being on screen.) We will be able to get to know each other as time goes on, can share stories, show what we’re working on, ask questions, get knitting support…that sort of thing. We’ll have occasional special guests. In order to participate fully in this Webchat, you’ll need a current computer, a camera and microphone and high-speed internet.

Q. When will the Webcasts and Webchats take place?

A. For the Piquant Webcast, I will vary the time and day issue to issue, in order to give everyone a chance to be there. I expect late afternoon to evening is the best time, and probably a weekday vs a weekend.

For the Extraspicy and Facemelter Webchats, since we’re a more intimate group, I’ll use a handy web tool that asks when each member is available from a list of possible dates and times. That gives me the best shot at pleasing the greatest number of people.

For both Webcast and Webchat, the events will be archived (technology permittng) and you’ll have password-protected access to them, so even if you weren’t able to attend, you won’t miss out!

Q. You said you were going to do X when you launched the Patreon campaign, but now I see you’re doing Y. What’s going on?

A. This Patreon campaign is a whole new way of existing for Knitty. In order to keep it working well, make things better and toss out ideas that end up not being good ones, the principals of Knitty (that’s me, Jillian, Kate and Christopher) will need to make adjustments to the program as we go. Our intention is only to improve things, not take away something that you’re loving. Remember, you’ll have access to the Patron News feed to get info directly from us, and you can talk to us there and tell us what you think, about the Patreon campaign or Knitty, at any time!