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Knitty Staff Room

The Staff Room

Meet the people that make Knitty happen...

Amy Singer

Amy Singer

Amy is the editor of Knitty. She's also the publisher and founder of the magazine. In 2002, it came to her in a dream while sitting on her living room couch that she should start an online knitting magazine to feature the knitting talent she'd been seeing on blogs all over the world in one tidy, professional-looking website. The rest is happy history.

She loves ukuleles, rabbits [her babies are 2 mini-rex sisters named Squeeze and Boeing], scooters and shiny things. She's allergic to wool and sensitive to all animal fibers, so she's the non-wool knitter in the Knitty crew. Amy teaches knitting classes all over the place, focusing on learning neat new stuff without tearing your hair out.

She lives in Toronto and can often be found hanging out, having an iced latte and knitting, at The Purple Purl. She is frequently obsessed with technology and gadgets, and quite likes shoes that don't hurt.

Jillian Moreno

Jillian Moreno

Jillian is the editor of Knittyspin, Knitty's Ad Manager and Catalyst of the whole shebang. This means she is often the brains behind the exciting new ideas we implement at Knitty, like the blog-writing thing and the division of fall into two seasons that better describe what knitters really want. She's also the reason there is a Knitty -- her passion, brain and heart have helped Amy build the magazine and keep it on the grass-roots path we all feel is so important. If you ever meet her, thank her.

Jillian has been a knitter forever, and a spinner almost as long. Spinning is her current passion, and she spends part of almost every day at her wheel. She's on the Editorial Board of PLY Magazine, and is taking her spinning knowledge on the road, teaching classes all over the US.

She likes vintage dresses, Tim Burton, British murder mysteries and listening to her kids sing in the bathtub.

Kate Atherley

Kate Atherley

Kate is our Managing Technical Editor, as well as our Editorial Assistant.  She is a mathematician, which comes in handy in all aspects of her knitting work. Kate is a highly regarded knitting teacher in Toronto, and offers her professional services through several Toronto-based shops and beyond.

Kate's first book "Beyond Knit & Purl" was praised as the 21st century "Knitting for Anarchists", and her second book "Knit Accessories: Essentials and Variationswas published in late 2012 to great acclaim. She's working on two new books: a guide to writing knitting patterns for publication in early 2015, and one about Custom Fit Socks, for publication in mid 2015.

She is an expert on all things deli, and is a regular at Caplansky's. She likes double-pointed needles, kitten heels and strong coffee. Abandoned in downtown Toronto by some misguided soul, Dexter the beagle mix calls Kate mom after being rescued on her front lawn.

Ashley KnowltonAshley Knowlton

Ashley is one of our two super-skilled Garment Technical Editors. Even when she's not tech editing (unlikely), she still manages to wax lyrical of her love of Excel, scientific calculators, and industry standard sizing charts.

American-born but naturalized Brit, Ashley spends most days in the Cotswolds in England with her husband and cat, working, writing novels, and designing classic knitwear with interesting constructions.

You can find her patterns on Ravelry.

Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown

Originally a lab geek, Rachel now uses science (well, math, actually) to help knitwear designers put out clear, concise patterns for knitters of all types. She's the other half of our Garment Technical Editing team. When not tech editing, she spends as much time as possible dyeing fiber in science-inspired colorways, spinning, designing, and organizing yarn-centric events in London and the UK as one half of Yarn in the City. And oh yeah, occasionally still working in the lab playing biologist.

A former resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, she now lives in London with her husband, two daughters, a Wee Ridiculous Dog and a recently-acquired Feline Overlord. and teaches classes on a variety of knitting-and spinning-related topics.

Chris Gernon

Christopher Gernon

Chris is our newest staff member. As System Administrator, Chris configures servers, manages databases, analyzes logs, researches new technologies, and generally makes sure the site stays up and running.

Chris lives in Rochester, NY, with his wife, kids, and way too many cats. He only discovered knitting in 2013, but immediately fell in love with it and has been trying to make up for lost time ever since. He is frequently known to spend evenings knitting and laughing at The Village Yarn and Fiber Shop.

When he isn't knitting, he enjoys reading, working on amateur electronics, playing videogames, and handing over large sums of money to The LEGO Group. He also collects books (mainly vintage science fiction), puzzles (mainly involving spatial manipulation), and board games (mainly European resource management games with 30-page rule books). He keeps thinking about looking into home brewing, but let's face it, he already has more hobbies than anyone should.

He lives in fear that Amy will notice he is not a woman and kick him off this page.