Monday, December 29, 2003

Toronto LYS roundup
Our Knitty party at Village Yarns was a huge hoot and we got to meet some really nice folk. We love VY because the service there cannot be beat, period. They have an excellent selection from budget to beyond luxury, and they're always are happy to help with any knitting query. They also serve mighty fine cookies.

Meanwhile, at this time of year, yarn shopping gears up into frenzyland. Boxing Day sales [or Boxing Week, depending on the establishment] are always worth breaking your yarn diet for.

A cohort and I hit two this week. The first was at the new local shop, Lettuce Knit. This place is a tiny gem of a yarn shop in the heart of Kensington Market [66 1/2 Nassau St], and both cohort and I agreed that we'd love to run such a shop if we could. Salad-green walls decorated with circular sonotube slices filled with Koigu and Noro and Brown Sheep. Hemp from LanaKnits and the cool Loop-D-Loop patterns fill out the shop. Not a huge selection, but a quality one. After buying Noro and hemp, we walked two doors down and bought fresh fruit. Love that.

Then we hit the Romni sale. As you'd imagine, the warehouse of yarn was packed with drooling knitters, but they'd pulled in every staff member and were well covered. There were staff wandering the aisles, answering questions and finding things for you. And they had 5 people on cash. Can't complain about that.