Tuesday, January 27, 2004

i'm not infected, really
i run macintosh systems, both at work and at home, so i don't have any viruses on my system. if you get a message from amy@ and it's got one of the subject lines below or *most importantly* an attachment, which you can trust that i will never send in a knitty update, you'll know it's a virus. just delete the message without opening the attachment.

info to share that was shared with me by someone who got blasted: Systems that are infected with this virus are programmed to automatically send infected e-mail messages to everyone in the infected user's address book. There are several potential subject lines in the virus such as "hi", "hello", "test", "server report", "status", "error", and more. Read more here.

[this is the part that's happening to me...and probably you, too!]This virus may also spoof your address. You may receive a notice in your Inbox telling you that a message you sent was blocked by a recipient because it contained a virus - yet you know that you did not send a message to the recipient identified. This does not mean that you have this virus, but that the virus has identified your e-mail address as real, and it is sending itself to other recipients to look as though it is coming from you.

As always, please do not open messages from users you don't know; do not insert diskettes from foreign places into your computers until they have been scanned; and keep the virus protection software on your home systems updated at all times.