Thursday, February 26, 2004

a little more about the summer issue
More thought and consideration has been given to our racier summer issue and I wanted to share these thoughts with you.

The vision is Sex and the City x Martha Stewart Living. Sexy, not kinky. I've revised the submission guidelines to reflect what we need, and stated flatly that there will be no models in any attire, period. Mannequins or nothing.

Think attractive and sexy -- not slutty -- lingerie. Corsets [we do have one in the works already from a designer], pretty bras, and all that. Those are cool.

The main reason for this change is that I want Knitty to continue, period. A lot of people are involved with this magazine in some way and it's not fair to any of us to jeopardize Knitty's future by going too far in any specific direction.

Any second now we'll hit 1,000,000 individual viewers to the site. How insanely cool is that?