Thursday, February 19, 2004

push it out, push it out, way out!
Okay, so we're pushing the envelope more than a little.

Our spring issue, live in April, will be as always, full of fun and beautiful garments and accessories to knit.*

But summer will be a little different. If you're a designer or would like to be one, you might want to read the Knitty submission guidelines. The summer issue's theme is Sex and the Knitty. We're looking for racy but tasteful. No nudity.

We've always appreciated the freedom being a web-based magazine gives us. And it's because we're so non-traditional that we can do a special issue like this once in a while.

If this kind of thing isn't your style, fret not. We'll be back to the usual Knitty style for the fall issue. But if you are open to a little something different, we do hope you'll enjoy our summer issue, which goes live July 2004.


*More on the spring issue? Okay!

It's going to be fabulous. A lot of new names have contributed this issue. We have so much, we're not sure if we can publish it all. We're still working through it and still have designers to get back to.

But it's all good. Many more kamikaze submissions this issue than usual, and bless every one of them. I kiss their little kamikaze heads.


As for the book, the bulk of the manuscript is with the packager and they're working on editing and laying out the pages. I can't wait to see something tangible! Their design team is doing all the work, so even though I'm not used to this, I do like not having to worry about typesizes and image quality. Quirk is famous for their beautiful books and I know they'll do a great job with this one.

If you're not on the readers' e-mail list, you missed the update. The book will be called "Knit Wit", and will be published by HarperCollins this fall. I'll post full details as soon as I have them. Maybe even an link.

Man, this is fun!


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