Tuesday, April 20, 2004

not even knitting-related, much.
2004 is my year to purge.

i thought i'd done this before, but clearly, i haven't. i have a house full of crap. i'm dragged down by my history. our history. stuff we don't need any more. stuff we think we might use one day but never will. stuff that causes more stress having it than NOT having it.

it's time to do a proper low-level purge. like on those tv shows. i realized why i watch them. i don't care if mrs lady throws out her stuffed animal collection. but if you watch enough of the episodes, you start to see how their habits are much like yours. and that you probably don't need that collection of beach sand from all over the world in little jars. what's the point?

and yes, i have stuffed animals, too. my knitting stash isn't horrible. it has a little waste, a few dead projects and other stuff that needs to move on, but this isn't about destashing. it's about lightening my load in every aspect.

so steph and i are starting a purge-along. my goal is to have each room in the house, including the basement, done by the end of the year. i promise not to post progress reports, cause that would be cruel and dull. steph has a thesis to finish before she joins in. but OH, the garage sales i'll have!

for the purge-along, nobody's keeping score. but if you want to join us, you're very welcome to the button.

my motto: 2004 is the year of clean and flat surfaces.

here's to lighter living!