Friday, May 28, 2004

Finally. Finally!

You know that obsessive clicking you do on your list of favorite blogs? Don't look away. I know you do it too.

You don't have to anymore. Kinja, the weblog guide is here.

I found it through someone who'd added this blog to their digest and at first I thought it was some kind of sneaky RSS feed. But it's not. It just takes any URL you want to read and posts an excerpt on one tidy page when that URL shows an update. And there's a handy toolbar button that allows you to add any page to your digest with one little click when you visit it. Squee!

It's something I'm sure we've all been waiting quite a while for. Only thing: for some reason, when a person updates a blog, all the posts on their main page [or many of them] will then be excerpted along with the new entry. So you could find 10 excerpts from one blog on your digest, when you really only want the latest one.

I wrote and asked for this feature. Maybe it's in the works. Maybe it's a bug. But still, even until it's fixed, it's a very cool service.