Tuesday, May 18, 2004

a little of the old blog

Before this was the Knitty blog, it was a place I shared stuff I found that I loved. One of the things I found that was most popular was the online source for Birkenstocks, with free shipping.

I thought it only fair that, having finally placed an order with them, I should report back.

I bought three pair, two of which were for someone else. The one above is Helfort, and that was for me. $78cdn, free shipping. It arrived in about 7 weeks. As a new Birkenstock addict, the only thing I don't like is feeling shlubby in very flat shoes. So these seemed to be a good compromise. They don't look nearly as clunky as my Bostons and are just as comfortable. I believe they will be my shoes of the summer, but will take some judicious breaking in. [I overdid it yesterday.] So a big thumbs up on Jestel KG!

Except for one thing. Of the three pairs I ordered, one was backordered and they neglected to tell me. They're not answering e-mail. And my card hasn't been charged for the third pair, so that means they're not even in the mail yet [but it *is* good that they don't charge for merch until they ship]. By the time these sandals come, it could be fall. So I suppose the caveat here is to order well in advance and don't assume anything will be mailed until you receive it.


Okay, now another shopping issue. If you read this blog a few years ago, you may remember my endless pursuit of the perfect knitting bag. Never found it, by the way.

Now I've found another thing that doesn't exist, and I'm just dumbfounded. I want an adorable business card file solution. Not a stupid Rolodex. Not a ridiculously boring black or brown leather [or leatherette] folder with plastic sleeves. Something brightly colored, like a pink Filofax, with the ability to add and move around the pages. [So a small 6-ring binder solution would be perfect]

I have found pink Filofaxes online, but usually out of stock, at a company that won't ship economically to Canada or exhorbitantly overpriced.

I've also figured out that Franklin Covey [the rasbperry Rio is a perfect candidate, IF I could get it], Daytimer and Day Runner make units that might do, but either their colors are boring or they don't ship to Canada.

Does anyone know something I'm missing here?