Sunday, June 06, 2004

do. not. faint.

What you are about to see will challenge everything you know about me.

yes. that's a charlotte. MY charlotte. the original cotton ho™ is knitting with koigu.

you do understand, i'm sure. i'm allergic to wool [shut up, amy], and almost every animal fiber makes my hands burn. if i work with it long enough, i get a cold. for some reason, thankfully, koigu merely makes my fingers tender and oversensitive, but that's all. so if i keep it to an hour here and there, i can actually knit with merino.

this does not mean that i'm changing my preference away from plant fibers. koigu is so extraordinary that you'd think i was mad if i didn't try to knit with it, wouldn't you? and the finished product can be worn with something between it and my skin. but i don't see koigu socks in my future.

i'm having a grand time, and full credit goes to steph for her patient, thorough tutorial friday night. i finally get it. i'm almost done the exclusive section of color b and will soon be introducing color c. can't wait!

speaking of...have you seen steph's charlotte poncho? it's so clever!