Friday, June 25, 2004

My jaw has hit the floor.

People. People! How wonderful are you? YOU ARE WONDERFUL! Look over at the right of this page -- all those people [and more join them every few minutes!] responded to my e-mail to the Knitty readers list and plea on at the Knitty coffeeshop. I was hesitant to send out such a message when people hadn't signed up for charitable soliciations along with their Knitty news, but clearly it was the right thing to do. Thank you all for being so approachable and supportive!

We've raised more than $1100 so far for breast cancer research! That's a beautiful thing.

We have a lot more to do. Thanks to assistant team captain, Shannon, we're going to ramp up the deal. I'll be setting up a page for Team Knitty members to track their pledges and there will be prizes involved. Shannon has very generously offered to dish out some seriously hot Anezka Handmade swag...that's her new online shop that's opening any day prizes to the top fundraisers on our team. [Me excluded, of course.] I'll add some Knitty shop swag to the deal.

Thanks to Jillian, the Knitty catalyst, we've been planning to make this a big year for breast cancer awareness and support. In addition to Team Knitty, watch for an extra-special surprise mini-issue this October.

I'll soon add links to the other team members' donation pages. Support them, too! It all goes to the same place, and it makes every team member feel good. The donation pages will be up till September, so if you're a little skint now, please come back when you have a dollar to spare. And I'll keep adding names from my donor list right up till the end. Woo hoo! Ed note: due to popular demand, I've opened a special Team Knitty paypal account, just for donations for the walk. So if you don't like using credit cards OR you've had trouble with the CBCF website, please try this! The button is up at the top of the donors list. Thanks!

Thank you so very much for your support. You are wonderful people.