Tuesday, June 22, 2004


1. Starbucks is coming out with a low-fat frap, sometime next week [at least in Canada]. I saw the calorie count. Ready? Coffee frap [i'm assuming it's the tall size] is normally 190 cals. Coffee frap light is 110, and only 1 g of fat. I am the happiest girl in the world today!

2. Knitty production for our Sex & the Knitty issue is progressing so well that we hope to be live July 1 or 2. This is a very good thing. Stay tuned...as we get closer, I'll give you a firm date.

3. There will be new merch in the Knitty store to celebrate the issue. Snork.

4. My Charlotte is progressing well after suffering a small setback. Just after snapping that last picture [and knitting another 10 rows], I noticed that the row count was off. And then the pattern was messed up. It got pretty ugly. There was a burp on one edge, and if any pattern deserves to be burp-free, it's Charlotte. Steph, bless her, came to my rescue and freehand ripped back to before the trouble spot and then [get this] inserted a lifeline on the open stitches. You've never seen anything like this - it was magical. Only someone who really understands this lace pattern could attempt this and only Steph was kind enough to do it for me. She picked everything up perfectly and I was able to continue without the burp.

I knit for 3 hours on it last night, as well as several hours each day over the weekend. My hands are tender as all get out, but I'm well into the 4th color [solid section] and I just can't stop [I've done 50 rows since Saturday]. And I'm not making the same mistakes as I was before. Funny -- row 1 is the hardest for me not to screw up. I keep adding in YOs where I shouldn't.