Sunday, June 13, 2004

TNNA highlights, by a tired-but-happy editor

We're back, safe and sound and quite tired. But it's a good tired.

- number of celebrities met [or re-met]: 8 [Debbie Bliss, Sally Melville, Nicky Epstein, Louisa Harding, Pam Allen, Ann Budd, Rob & Matt].
- number of celebrities hugged: all except Louisa and Debbie.
- number of patterns for the fall issue snagged at this show: 2 [one was walking around on someone who's a big Knitty reader and the other was a new display model at a cool yarn company]
- best yarn fondled: a tiny ball of handspun soy silk that Shannon spun for me. I am hoarding it until it is joined by more of its kind.
- number of knitting bags coveted: countless
- number of knitting bags ordered: 1
- number of new items brought back to review for the magazine: 5
- number of new items coming in over the next few weeks: beyond counting. SO MUCH good new stuff!
- number of new knitting books personally autographed to me by the author: 1 [ann budd's new book of sweater patterns, which you will plotz when you see, it's so good]
- number of must-have books on my list: 2 [nicky epstein's "knitting on the edge" and "embellishments"]
- number of first-edition knitty buttons given out at the show: 75

Seeing the new products was fun, especially at the Cascade booth. You know they make my favorite Fixation, but you wool lovers will be happy to see all the new things coming this fall. Totally different than their staples and really knittable. Some novelty, many not. Neat.

Rowan's booth was so busy, I couldn't even steal a moment to thank our contact for their continued support. Yay Rowan!

I introduced Knitty to Tahki Stacy Charles, Berroco, Brown Sheep, Dancing Fibers, Blue Heron, Lantern Moon and Southwest Trading Company. Many others already knew us and were excited to see what we were doing. The new stuff from Crystal Palace included something in linen that defies description. I begged a sample ball to test swatch and play with and will report when it comes.

A new company has come up with a solution to the knitter's painful same-dyelot search. We'll probably see them in our pages soon and since the founder of the company is a knitter herself, she really gets what it is we want. You'll love them.

I saw my book featured at Unicorn, who distributes most of the knitting books you buy. That was very cool.

I got to go to a reception that Interweave held for their advertisers where Pam Allen's new book, Scarf Style, was on display. The scarves from the book were scattered around the room and we all got to drool over them. Most excellent.

Most importantly, the filofax is nearly full with contacts from every company. And my head is spinning with everything I saw and things to think about for Knitty.

It was a real treat to meet the readers of the magazine who saw my yellow Knitty bag [you could see it across a football field in the fog, the sucker is so bright] and introduced themselves. Knitty readers are the nicest, you know.

So that's all I have energy to type now. Such a good weekend.