Wednesday, June 02, 2004

you GUYS!

O, such exciting times at Knitty.

We always have new blood each issue, but it gets more exciting when I am able to get some of the best web-based talent to agree to work with us.

Sometimes they write me; sometimes I write them.

We have one of each coming up soon. For summer, Rachael joins us with her first feature article for Knitty. I've told her I hope it's the first of many. She's really wonderful and if you haven't read her blog, you're missing big.

For fall, you can look forward to a new regular column written by Larissa Brown, artist, knitter and writer. The subject? It's very her and perfectly us. Larissa is a talented artist with a unique approach to everything she does. I'm really looking forward to our collaboration.


Meanwhile, I'm finalizing the lineup for the summer issue and I think you'll be delighted. It's all very yummy.


The spring surprise is ALMOST here. Moments away. Hang tough!


And a last little bit of businessy news. I'm more than jumping out of my ergonomic-yet-affordable office chair with happiness to report that I'm going to be attending the TNNA convention in Columbus, OH, next weekend.

This means that I finally get to meet many people who've only been e-mail addresses to me till now. It also means that I get to fondle a lot of yarn, see what's coming and share it all with you. So watch for a little post-surprise surprise update when I return...with all the latest on what you can expect to see in your LYS this fall.

If you'll be at the convention, do say hi. You'll recognize me by my glowing yellow Knitty messenger bag and pink Filofax.