Friday, July 30, 2004

A little note on fall submissions

This weekend is a long one up here in Canadia [land that I love]. So I'll be making the final decisions on all submissions, patterns and articles, and getting back to the rest of you before Monday is over.

There are a few kind souls who I owe e-mails to. By Monday, promise.


Meanwhile in Silken world, I have a 2nd skein in a new colorway and have been knitting away on a stole pattern that I worked up based on a Mary Thomas lace stitch, with lessons learned from Charlotte. it's quite pretty.

And I'm bored.

I'm bored!

Knitting the same two rows again and again is boring me. It's not boring enough to be stockinette, so that I can turn my brain off, but it's not challenging enough that each new row is an excitement. So now what?

I think it may be time to rip and rethink into a Charlotte poncho, a la Steph. My only concern is that I won't have enough yarn. It's 500m per skein of Silken, and Steph used almost 4 of Koigu, which translates to 800m, give or take.

I could start lower at the neck. I will likely knit it on larger needles than called for, so I get more mileage anyway. The rest...well, you'll just have to tune in and see.

Hm. That's a challenge for a long weekend, eh?