Sunday, July 11, 2004

Silken charlotte

I. Am. In. Love.

You know I finished a Charlotte, yes? It's unblocked and still missing the crocheted edging, so pics forthcoming.

Meanwhile, I realized I have a very important event coming up that requires an extra-special gift. I have less than a month. The recipient is allergic to wool just like me, so another Koigu Charlotte is out of the question. What can I use that will show off the lace and be special enough without causing hives?

Solution [click the pics for bigger views]:
Step one.

1 skein of Fleece Artist pure silk. 500 yards.

Step two:

See how big the cake is when I wind it up? It's huge!

Step three:

This is one afternoon's obsessive knitting. Did I get anything done in the house on Sunday as I planned? No. I did this. I figured, as I knit, that the first 2" would show me if it would work or not.

It's working.

The silk is laying beautifully flat and showing the lace pattern without any blocking. I figure a little pin and spritz when I'm done and it should be perfect. My only concern is that the yarn I have is enough for a good-sized shawl. Without changing colors and by using this one huge skein, I will have only TWO ENDS to weave in. This is a dream project. The silk is smooth, flat and has that same beautiful two-ply look the Koigu has, without the itchies. It's so soft to touch, that even if the recipient doesn't wear it, I'll be shocked if she doesn't love just having it around to drape over a chair and fondle.

And when it's done, I think I'll have to make another...for me. Who knew I could like knitting lace?