Thursday, October 28, 2004

Big Girl Knits...revealed!

For those not on the Knitty designer list, you might not know the big news. Jillian Moreno and I are co-writing a new knitting book! The tentative title is "Big Girl Knits", and as you can probably surmise from the partnership and the title, it's book of patterns sized 14 and larger, but not like any plus-sized knitting book you've ever seen. Think Jillian's Folly and Boo, too, and you'll see where we're going with this one.

Jillian has been percolating this idea for a while and she talked to me about it back in spring. We decided soon after that we wanted to work together on it; Jillian takes the lead as the design visionary and style editor and I bring up the rear with the writing and book editing stuff. What a team!

The book is with Quirk Packaging, the people that made Knit Wit happen. They're working on choosing a publisher and we're planning to have the book out in 2006. What season is yet to be determined.