Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A little garage sale

When I got the contract for the book, I bought a brand-new Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine [aka knitting machine] just in case I needed to crank out samples quickly. I never needed to.

So I've got this unused, still-boxed machine, including the row counter, sitting here, taking up space. I'd like to sell it to someone local. I'm in Toronto, but will be passing through all those towns mentioned in the previous post, so I could deliver to a signing if you'd like. [Why does this sound vaguely illicit? :-)]

The row counter currently retails for $31US at The knitting machine was around $150US when I bought it. It's the standard machine, and comes with all original bits, still wrapped, unused. The instructional video is temporarily misplaced, but as soon as I find it, I'll deliver it to whoever buys it.

$100 takes the whole lot. Write me at amy A-T knitty d0t com and the first person in is the lucky duck!

The lucky duck is in New York. That was quick! :-)