Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Ah, to be home and back to the usual fretting instead of the on-the-road fretting.

Like: why is the Neverlost telling me to turn left into the very solid concrete barrier that divides this highway? I refuse.


Anyway, things that are on my mind lately:

- hub needs a sweater. i need to knit him something in at least aran gauge, if i'm to keep my sanity. and of course, the amy fiber rules apply. add in the fussy hub rules and we're left with NOT MUCH TO KNIT FOR HIM. i'm thinking the organic cotton I have would suit him well, in both gauge and texture, but not in color. if i were braver, i'd dye it a rich midnight blue. but to do that, i'd need more stock in the palest color it came in [i have a lot of the chocolate...what a surprise! food-colored yarn!] plus the guts to do it.

- the new Knitty plan that hub and i formulated while on the road in NH. who knew New Hampshire could be so good for brainstorming? anyway, it's an exciting new addition to the Knitty site and I'll be getting on it soon.

- book proposals. publish or perish! and i'm not even post-doc or anything.

- my easy-peasy superlong lace scarf pattern with the funky fringe treatment. so simple, i can't put it in Knitty, but I want to share it here. i need a name. i'm already knitting my 2nd and the first one has become my favorite fall accessory so far.

- my birthday, cause it's coming and soon. oct 27. heaven help me. no more year of life, the universe and everything! i am sad. [p.s. mom and sis, the wishlist is updated as per the family directive. :-)]

- the habu swatch book that i ordered at the CSNF this weekend. can't wait till it comes!

and lots of other stuff, including fiddling with the archive so the readers AND the editor are happy. i think i may have hit paydirt. excuse the mess in there -- the new, tidier, more useful one should be up tonight.

there's more, but thinking about it hurts my head.


by the way, speaking of the CSNF, i have to express my sadness at the cut in knitting vendors this year. the knitting-related classes didn't seem to be any leaner, which is good news, but there were so few knitting vendors at this show compared to previous years! considering the recent growth of our craft -- including the addition of 4 new yarn shops in town since last year -- i was really stunned by this.

if you were a quilter or a multi-crafter, the show most likely tickled you pink. there was a ton of fabric in fat quarters [plus all the quilty accoutrements you could dream of], sewing machines, beading galore [Swarovski -- drool], scrapbooking up the wazoo and lots of other stuff. the knitting vendors that were there were lovely, but i was just so surprised that there weren't more of them.

having Habu come, though, was a delicious surprise. Yay, Habu!