Friday, December 03, 2004

A quick note about how we produce the magazine

I thought a quick note about how Knitty is produced was in order, especially since people seem curious about who actually does what around here.

Mandy Moore: she's our technical editor. She reviews each and every pattern, applies any missing Knitty style formatting to the word document, clarifies any confusing stuff with the designer and makes sure the numbers work. I loves my Mandy.

Kristi Porter: she's our advertising manager, and she makes sure we fill our ad space so we can pay our contributors. She keeps the entire system organized, which includes a lot of back-and-forth e-mail, excel spreadsheets and collecting and designing ads. I loves my Kristi.

Me: I'm the editor and publisher. I evaluate and choose every pattern and article that is published; I design the entire website, including a new banner and color scheme each issue; I edit, format and code every pattern and article page; I choose [and Photoshop as required] the images that go with each pattern. Plus writing, publicity, managerial questions, bank stuff, legal issues. All that.

Now you see why I loves my Mandy and Kristi so much. Without their help, I couldn't do all that I have to.

And now, back to work. December 6, you know.

p.s. I e-mailed the 25 lucky winners of the Knitty readers contest last night. Names to be announced in the new issue! Woo hoo!