Monday, December 06, 2004

So once again, we're live

Our 10th issue. Why does this continue to amaze me? Yet it does.

The buzz I'm hearing already is that there seems to be something that's delighting everyone in this issue, which is always what I hope for. Wait till you see the two surprises! (but you will have to wait... :-)

To answer a few questions in the guestbook:

1. The ads are the same size they've been since we started accepting ads last winter. There are just more of them. That means I was able to, again with this issue, increase the honorarium Knitty pays contributors. Which is the whole point of the thing. :-)

And besides, I read most craft magazines for the ads as much as the content, because I love to see what people are offering and find new sources for my stash acquisition needs. I know I'm not alone. This issue has a whole bunch of advertisers I've never shopped from before -- some I'd never heard of. Covet Central is an overflowing catalog of knitting goodness! So I'll be clicking all the ads along with the rest of you. Heaven help my credit card.

2. Why a knitted womb? Because...
(a) it's cute
(b) we can
(c) it's really freaking cute, and who would have ever thought you could knit a CUTE WOMB?

This issue, I was, to use the lovely Canadian/British cliche, spoiled for choice. I had so, so, so many patterns to choose from and it was buggery hard to narrow it down. I'm honored that so many talented, creative designers choose to submit to Knitty and hope every issue in the future is as hard to edit as this one.

And now I get to focus on a few other necessary but temporarily ignored things. Like my housekeeping. Holiday gifts [yes, I'm knitting for my family this year. I'm insane. I know]. Upgrades and improvements to the Knitty processes and systems. Accounting. Missed writing deadlines.

Eek. Maybe I'll think about all of this tomorrow. Except the deadline. I'd better get on that NOW before I get the evil eye from my editor!