Thursday, January 20, 2005

Do you have footage of knitting-related stuff?

I just got the message below from a Dutch TV producer. If you can help her, leave your e-mail address in my comments and I'll pass it to her.



I am a Dutch television journalist for the news and current affairs
programme Tweevandaag. In Holland we are a bit behind but the knitting
movement is reaching our shores as well.

For our programme I would like to give attention to the growing
popularity of knitting in Holland. For this we will follow the work of
a knitting group In Amsterdam.

We are also very interested in the knitting groups in The States.
Because our medium is very ' picture hungry', especially moving
pictures, I am looking for little films on interesting events around
knitting, in particular the meetings of the pro choice groups and the
knitters against Bush, but there must a lot of other knittinggroups.

Many thanks for your help!