Saturday, January 01, 2005

No one told me!

I can't understand it. Why didn't anyone tell me about the exquisite perfection of the Clapotis?

Actually, I've been waiting to finish holiday knitting before I started mine. When I was on the wee book tour, I fell in love with some yarn at Make Workshop. Diana [the proprietress] hand-paints a line of yarn and I got to see some at my signing. I was immediately drawn to the swiss cotton [for obvious reasons] and came home with one big 200g skein of it. It goes from palest cream through spring green to soft pink to rich magenta. Je t'aime, coton.

Sure, it doesn't have silk in it, but it's so soft, it's nearly edible, without being wussy. Cause wussy yarn sucks.

So I cast on for my own Clapotis in my Make Workshop swiss cotton. I'm about half done. This will likely be a generous Clapotis scarf and I'll make a big shawl, a la Cari, in another hand-paint next -- silk this time. Oh, such tragedy, having to knit this twice! :-)

It's not just how gorgeous the finished product is that has me loving Clapotis. It's also an easily memorizable pattern with a lot of stockinette. Which I love. I'm one of those St st freaks, and proud of it. And clever me -- when i finished the increase section, i weighed the remaining skein to see how much yarn I should save for the decrease section. I almost never think that far ahead. Hanging around you people is good for my knitting.


I need good daylight for a progress pic. Maybe this weekend, if book work will allow. I'm working with the sexy steamroller and there's no missing deadlines around her!