Wednesday, January 26, 2005

random covety questions

1. I live in a really big city. Does anyone in Toronto know where to find the Amy Butler fabrics and patterns? Someone in town MUST carry them! [Yes, I've checked the website. It's no help.]

2. I will soon have to upgrade my digital camera. As you can see in the shot below, I've got graininess up the yingyang and the resolution's too low for my purposes. I need a 5mp [? this is the only variable] camera with a macro setting, image stabilization and as much optical zoom as I can get. So far based on online reviews, the only likely candidate is the Panasonic [seriously?] Lumix FZ20. But it's almost a thousand bucks up here...which is too much for me.

A lot of you take great pics and I don't think all of you are using 5mp cameras. So I'd love to hear your opinions about your cameras, especially closeup shots, clarity, color reproduction and graininess or lack thereof.

Please use the comments and help guide me, o readers!