Sunday, February 13, 2005

camera? well, yes.

Unbelievable. A week after I ordered [noting that the Lumix was IN STOCK -- two units left, even!], I get a message from Etronics saying that they're out of stock.

I'd asked for expedited shipping, and it took them a week to realize they didn't even have one to send to me?

I cancelled my order. I'm NOT impressed.

Instead, I did a little searching around town and found that Aden had the camera for $100 less than everyone else in town was charging [even less than their web price, when I called them]. So it still cost me more than I wanted to pay, but less than what most local shops would have charged.

It's here and it's charging up now. Kind of took some of the fun out of the purchase, but since I got the camera for the magazine mostly, who said it's supposed to be about fun?

Now I have a manual to read. Later.