Friday, April 15, 2005

Have you seen this coolness feature?

Web-obsessed me [convenient, since I edit a web-based magazine, eh?] found the customer image gallery feature of Amazon soon after Knit Wit was published. Of course, geeky me got all excited and uploaded a picture of the book standing up so people could see what it looked like.

Then I realized that people could upload pics of projects knit from the book as I started us off. Little fuzzy rabbit face can now be seen as gallery item 2, proudly wearing the nosewarmer I knit.

Okay, not proudly. More like with deep resentment and annoyance. She is a rabbit, after all.

Anyway, if you've knit something from Knit Wit, show off your finished work and upload the pic to the gallery page! Nice of Amazon to spot us the bandwidth, eh? :-)