Monday, June 13, 2005

Please support Team Knitty! [now with Paypal, by popular request]

Team Knitty returns after a triumphant 2004, where we raised more than $5000 -- with the help of Knitty's readers and, our corporate sponsor. It's time for us to assemble once again for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure.

What is Team Knitty? It's a group of Knitty staff and readers who collect donations that go to fight breast cancer. Then we gather in early October [this year it's October 2] to do the walk. None of us have ever run it, but that doesn't mean we never will. [Okay, *i* never will. :-)]

If you're in Toronto, or can get here, and want to join Team Knitty, you're very welcome! Leave your e-mail address in the comments [disguise it for spam-prevention purposes] and I'll send you an invite. You could also go to the CBCF website and join that way. Our team name is "" and you should be able to search for it.
The purpose of the walk is to raise money for breast cancer research. So if you can, please click on this link to visit my online donation page. Your donation in ANY amount is very, very welcome. Something to think about: Knitty had more than 1 million individual visits last month. If each of those people donated just one dollar per visit, can you imagine the impact that would have?

If you don't do the credit card thing, we've set up a dedicated Paypal account. I wonder when CBCF will get with the Paypal thing on their own? [I keep asking. :-)] Anyway, the button's on the right navbar ---> Click away!

Big bonus:
- If you're a Canadian, you get a tax receipt when you use the CBCF's website to make your donation.
- If you're in the US, your money goes 20% farther! So every dollar you donate only costs you about 80 cents.

Every walk brings us closer to a cure. Thank you for your support.