Sunday, July 03, 2005


i wonder sometimes what people imagine the Knitty production room looks like. let me tell you about the summer issue.

we're just finishing up, incorporating all the changes and fixes all our designers and writers have sent in. technical editor Mandy Moore [a heavenly gift to us] has kept everything tidy and accurate, testing all our patterns, and corralling the feedback so it doesn't get lost. Kristi Porter has done the same with the advertising, bless her. and now comes the last push of work. lots of checking, fixing, proofing, testing, uploading. all that stuff.

this time, what's different is where i'm doing it.

i'm sitting on a 1940s lawn chair in my back yard, under the shade of the pear tree i planted to honor my grandma [the same one Knitty is dedicated to] 5 years ago. behind me from the 2nd bedroom window, my iPod is sending out a nonstop stream of yummy through the Bose speaker thingies my hub bought me for chanukah last year. the dang thing comes with a teeny remote, even. it seemed an extravagant gift at the time, but now i can't imagine our back yard without it!

next to me, a half-sipped caramel frappuccino light. in front of me, little fuzzy rabbit face is sleeping in the grass, after realizing that she is, in fact, a bunny and actually likes the outside. we have her in a huge exercise pen [bought at a garage sale for $10, thankyouverymuch] so she feels safe and we know she can't get lost.

you think where you create something has anything to do with the quality of that something? i hope so.

p.s. a little taste for you. :-) you'll need quicktime.