Tuesday, August 02, 2005

And now we are 6

Welcome and a big hug to Lorena, proprietress of my LYS, The Naked Sheep. I met Lorena just under a year ago when I spotted what looked like yarn things appearing in the window of a formerly vacant shop. It wasn't possible. A yarn shop was opening, not 3 minutes from my house? I had to know! She let me in even though she was nowhere near open, still unpacking stock, and I welcomed her to the hood. It's been a wonderful treat for me, watching her build her clientele over the last year and decide which yarns she wants to carry. There is no better way to enjoy the overcrowded Beach Jazz festival than buying a little Fleece Artist or Blue Heron and sitting in for a night of chat and knit. Way better than getting crushed in the crowds and stepped on.

Anyway, Lorena and her amazing friend Julie, are good peeps and I'm so honored to know them. Lorena is walking with Team Knitty and she needs your pledges, so if you haven't dropped a few bucks in the kitty, please click on her button and help her along.

If you're in the Beach area, you must stop by. Dangit, *I* must stop by. :-)