Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tell me which wheel you like

Now I'm curious. I'd like to know what wheel you'd recommend to someone [that'd be me] with these wishes:

- modern looking wheel
- compact [portability is very good]
- something that I wouldn't have to trade up from [I don't believe in buying beginner equipment; I'd rather get something solid and capable and learn on that]
- of course, I'll be spinning no wool; instead soysilk, silk, cotton, other natural fibers, blends w/synthetics
- double treadle

That's the basic list. On the shortlist [ones to test drive], I have:
- Majacraft Suzie
- Ashford Joy
- Lendrum original/upright DT
- Schacht DT
- anything Robin


I'd love to hear what you have used, like, don't like and why. Please share in the comments! I'm not rushing out to buy anything this second, but I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say.