Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm feeling quite proud. And really lucky.

This book just arrived today. I'm in there, on page 134. And as I saw my name and my words on the matte cream paper, I felt more like a published writer than I ever have. An essay in an anthology. I'm tingly!

I read it again and it felt good. I'm really pleased with the piece. It's called "Really, it's not so bad orDermatitis of the lambs." You can guess what it's about.


Other good things that happened today:

1. Hub and I picked up our new car. A Subaru Outback Sport in deep shimmery grey, just like our Noot. I know that's silly, and we didn't actually get to choose the color [this was the only one they had in stock], but we like it and it doesn't hurt that it gives us the warm fuzzies that way. It's a beautiful thing, as were all these beautiful things that made today possible:
a) Pottruff & Smith, our insurance brokers, who made sure we had good coverage in the first place, including an inexpensive bit of coverage that means our insurance rates won't go up as a result of this accident
b) Aviva Insurance, who settled with the leasing company over the Forester in a very fair and quick manner
c) Andy at Hing Lee Subaru in Toronto, who not only took care of us, but made sure our new license plate only contained lucky Chinese numbers [at my request]. The digits are 738, which adds up to 18. Chai (life) in Hebrew and wealth in Chinese. And there are no unlucky 4s or 5s. We love Andy.

2. My spinning wheel arrived today! I can't tell you about it...gotta save that for Knittyspin. But I can tell you that it's VERY cool, sleek and sexy. Maybe if I'm very good this weekend, I'll try spinning on it.

Going to rub the bunnies now.