Monday, October 17, 2005

Knitty's 2006 Calendar Contest

We have winners! I'll link to the calendar as soon as it's the next week...but in the meantime, here are your winners:

1st prize: Amy Barker -- Australia

Amy gets a big, honkin box full of knitting books and yarn, and I hope she enjoys it!

Our other fabulous winners, each to be featured on a page of the calendar:
- Kelly Griffith, Vermont
- Flo Harrison, United Kingdom
- Kristina Medford, Ohio
- Julia Pollard, Washington
- Sunyoung Park, New Jersey
- Sadie Lewis, Ontario
- Efrat Mendelssohn, New York
- Sarah Banani, Ontario
- Jane Newman, California
- Stephanie Martin, Arizona
- Marianna Brough, Indiana

These wonderful people each get a copy of the calendar. And every one of them will get full credit on their calendar page, so you know who shot/knitted what.

I will tell you that judging this contest was H.A.R.D. There will be a big gallery of honorable mentions, because so many pics were too good not to share with everyone. But we could pick only 12.

We will definitely make this an annual event. So as you photograph your finished Knitty projects, remember to save the best photos for next year!