Monday, October 17, 2005

A quick word from our sponsor [that'd be me]

[If you're on the Knitty Designer list, you just received this message. If you're not, please read on!]

My third book -- this time for Interweave Press -- is in the beginning stages and I'll be sending out a formal call for submissions in the next week. The book will feature a variety of modern classic designs, and none of them will use wool or animal fibers of any kind. [In this book, silk is not considered an animal fiber.]

Because working with non-animal fibers often requires a special approach, I'm going to ask anyone who's interested in submitting, has experience with these fibers and loves working with them, to sign up for the new mailing list, which you'll find here.

The big question: the final knitted pieces must be in my hands May 1, 2006. So you don't have to worry about knitting over your holiday vacation. :-)

Spread the word to your designing friends... and we'll see you at the new list!