Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rhapsodizing over Rhinebeck

Until last weekend, I was one of the curious masses. What could Rhinebeck be like? It's all fuzzy animals whose fleeces burn my hands and give me colds. Is it worth driving all that way? What could you possibly do for 2 whole days?

Let me tell you.
1. it IS worth the drive
2. two days would JUST be enough. actually, i'd like to live there
3. there is a lot of stuff to enjoy, even without wool, alpaca, mohair, llama, angora and the like [which you can find in such abundance that a wool-loving person could lose their mind over it all]
4. because there is MORE SILK than you could ever even dream of
4a. i was in heaven
5. mud was NOT an issue

Okay, enough lists.

There is so much to tell, so for this post, just enjoy the photos. [Click on the sheepy above to get to Flickr.]