Thursday, October 20, 2005

We're in with the in crowd

We interrupt the ongoing Rhinebeck blogranting for a brief word about other excitements happening in the knitting community. Do not fear -- continued fiber obsession will return this evening, with pictures even.

One of my favorite designers [and probably yours too, if you like modern cabled designs] is Fiona Ellis. And yes, she's from my town. I just learned today that she has launched her own website -- Fiona Ellis Online, maybe to coincide with the release of her new book? Which looks delicious, by the way.

Jillian and I saw the cover when we were at our publisher's office last June. Yup, we share a publisher. You know who else shares our publisher? Ann and Kay, with possibly the cutest not-what-you-expected knitting book cover ever.

I'd love to show you our cover but it's still doing the back-and-forth publisher dance. Soon, though!