Monday, December 19, 2005

Blogging helps bring closure.

Edit: Dec 29, 2005 -- Just heard from the person who's bought the business from Adelaide, and as I'd wondered, there was a good [but not happy] reason I'd heard nothing. Adelaide isn't well, and I'm really sorry about that. It was nice of the new jewelry person to write me, and I wanted anyone who was following this to know that circumstances beyond her control caused the situation.

Life. Sigh.


Since I've had no satisfactory resolution to my online shopping problem...[edit]

Paypal has told me my claim against them was granted. In fact, Adelaide didn't even respond to Paypal. But since there are no funds in Adelaide's account, I can't be reimbursed. And Adelaide's website says their collection is "currently offline", but you can sign up to be informed about when it's back.

Um, I'm not signing up. I'd just like my stinkin $42 back, please. And thanks for my birthday earrings, not.