Friday, December 09, 2005

calling all bunny people

Does this Ikea chair look like it would be reasonably bunnyproof? Clearly the metal bottom is right on the money. But I haven't seen any rabbits living with leather chairs or sofas in person, so I don't know how they'll react to the leather. I *do* know we can wipe down leather easier than we can clean fabric.

I also know how rabbits react to leather shoes [they eat them], but shoes smell like foots, which has to be much of the attraction. Plus there will be no jutty-outty edges to grab on these chairs, like there are on the soles of shoes or tops of boots.

We have a tiny house with a tiny living room, so two chairs with ottomans [ottomen?] seem like a better idea than two couches that are 15 years old, rabbit eaten and recently peed on.