Monday, December 19, 2005

Dear Kiddo,

Yes, Kiddo, we still have bunnies peeing where they're not supposed to. But thankfully, not everywhere.

We had a big thick box full of stuff they could chew, like a John Grisham paperback and a grass mat and a piece of cardboard. And they like that. They now also like to take turns peeing in one part of the box. And there's still chewing going on in that same box. Yes, you can say "eeeeew". We do.

Meanwhile, the detente continues. Boeing has been spotted licking Squeeze's nose through the bars. [See why we still have hope?] Squeeze mostly runs up to Boeing, and then runs away, waggling her long bunny tail from side to side in some clearly delusional mating dance. It's all freaky and we're still counting the days to the spay.

Two weeks, 1 day.


No baking yet. Depending on how today [the potential day from h-e-double-hockey-sticks at the day job] goes, I might make the dough tonight. Roll and bake tomorrow. Ice Wednesday. Which means gingerbread cookies at the office on Thursday. We'll see.

And that is all, folks. Short update today.