Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I had the best seat in the house

Thanks to Dr. Steph's either intuitive or cunning choice of seats, we sat in the best place to hear the other Steph -- Ms Harlot -- speak. Right in front of her kids.

Steph Harlot in front of a large audience is, as she has been one-on-one, funny and charming. But it's exponentially more hysterical to hear her read her story about her holiday knitting obsession and how it quickly goes from manageable to out of control...while her kids are providing whispered commentary in the background.

When she got to the part where she no longer sleeps in order to make her self-imposed knitting deadline, I knew it was coming before she read it. Cause the girls behind us said, giggling, "that's when she doesn't sleep!"

Should you have the opportunity to enjoy one of the Harlot's presentations while sitting immediately in front of her progeny, I would highly recommend it.


Anecdote: as I was writing this, Squeeze peed on the slipcovered couch*. Squeeze pees on the couch quite a lot.

We're counting the days till the spay.

*our couches are both total writeoffs after 11 years with Ms Noot and her amazing chewy habits. so it's not like we're losing valuable upholstery. but MAN, will we ever be able to replace these horrid old couches with something bunnyproof? steel, perhaps?