Friday, December 23, 2005

My holiday present to you...

Handmaiden, the maker of my favorite silk, has started a blog. Enjoy!


MIL's scarf is almost done, and now I'm obsessed with this: I've got one perfect skein of Handmaiden Lopi Silk in deep blues, purples and greeny-bronze -- a gift from Lorena at The Sheep and want to knit something perfect to wear to the hub's family xmas party on Sunday. Miraculously, it looks amazing with the Artfibers Hana silk that Dr Steph gave me for my last birthday. It's a soft purply-pink that has some grey in it. They look amazing together. So I'm going for a sideways Sally Melville again, except this one will be very subtle and so sexy that I expect strangers to fondle me as I pass.

Summary: eeeeee!


Mostly, happy holidays to everyone. A whole bunch of holidays seem to be uncharacteristically converging around one or two days this year, and that's gotta mean something about harmony and getting along. Or at least all of us sleeping in at the same time.

Stay warm. Be happy.