Friday, December 09, 2005

Resolved, we hope.

The ultimate bunnyproof chair, also from Ikea. Seriously. Super thick poly. Nothing to eat! There's even a little hole in the center to let the pee drain out. :-) [I know, feh.]

And it's surprisingly comfortable for a hard plastic chair. But not comfortable enough to be our primary hanging out spot, even with a tushy cushion. So we got two of the chairs below, which are quite comfy, and two matching footstools.

Tomorrow, we have to haul the crappy couches out of the house, and then we can let the bunnies explore a little. But as Kim wisely said in the comments, we will set our boundaries a little tighter than we had. Hub finds this harder to deal with than I do. I will continue to work on him. My authority is the HRS website, and if they say it's okay, then it really is.

Also, tomorrow we finally get to pack holiday hampers for the PWA group in town. We meant to go last year and I don't know why we didn't. But we're going this year. And the bunnies will be safely tucked in their corral while we are gone.