Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The sweet aftermath

What does the editor does after the magazine goes live? She buys herself a new watch.

It's cool, it's way big and it glows in the dark without any buttons needing to be pressed. It's legible and it's lime and it makes me smile. If you are similarly fond of big watches, check out the St Moritz M1 on eBay -- best prices I've found.


I've been deeply unimpressed with my ability to multitask lately.

So I'm sitting here with a cup of low-fat hot choc, trying to slow down. My brain has been on hyperdrive the last month, mostly because of Knitty, but also some lagging Big Girl issues, and some new No Sheep issues.

Now Knitty is happily to bed, most of the surprises are ready even, but I'm gonna make you wait for them, cause I'm a cruel, heartless thang, plus it's no fun to open all your presents at once.

And now, I have to turn my full attention to No Sheep.

I've been gathering research materials for the last few months, via Alibris. With Big Girls, I ran up some huge library overdue fines. Better just to buy the damned things outright and read them at my leisure. Now it's time to read them. And put little post-it sticky flags all over the pages. I bought a new larger Moleskine for the task [not the floppy covered one, but the nice, rigid one that's about the size of a small trade paperback, lined]. I have my favorite pens at the ready.

And soon, I'll be able to tell the time in the middle of the night from the irregular numbers on my lime-faced watch.


And hopefully you've gotten a chance to peek at my piece on silk hankies in the latest Knittyspin. Because, when I was going on and on about how much I love spinning on my spindles now...THIS is why.

Interestingly, as happy as these make me, they make my new friend Lorraine grimace in pain. The sound of the hankies as they're drafted is kind of crackly and nice. To me, anyway. But to Lorraine, it = fingernails + chalk board. I find that fascinating. If Lorraine didn't have the entire huge world of four-legged animal fiber to spin, I'd almost feel sorry for her. :-)