Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Two weeks to spayday!

I admit, fully and with no reservations, that I chose Boeing because she was a cuddlebun.

And then we brought her home and within two weeks, Squeeze had terrorized her into prolonged hiding. All I wanted was my big cuddlebun.

Last night, I came home and seeing that she seemed to want company, scooped her out of the corral and sat down in the big chair with her. And she purred for me. For like 20 minutes. I love how BIG and heavy she is. I always wanted a big big bunny, but didn't realize we'd gotten one until Boeing started becoming herself and exploding in all directions. She's huge, she's solid muscle, and she's so comforting to hold.

Boeing doesn't fight being picked up. It's an amazing thing to me, though I know it's not unheard of. Just rarely experienced by us. None of the other bunnies we've lived with have been this laid back.

Trying not to think of what the actual spay means [major surgery x 2, anesthesia, hours where we hold our breath, followed by a few days of worry and incessant bunny-tending], and just hoping that all will be well on the other side of it, with nicely healed tummies, quick elimination of unnecessary hormones from their bodies, and resumed Squeeze/Boeing cuddling sessions.


Meanwhile, in MIL knitting news, all is moving along well. I resisted the urge to knit a sock for my new iPod [chanukah present from hub. he upgraded me and it's insanely great]. Besides, I ordered this in magenta, and it shipped the same day I ordered it. Quite impressed with that. So a sock will, hopefully, not be necessary.

Thanks to my beloved, I now have the entire first season of Lost in my purse. Will be MOST excellent when I'm waiting in the airport in January.


January? Where am I going?

TNNA. SO excited! Potter Craft, the imprint of Random House that's publishing Big Girl Knits, is sending a whole bunch of their authors to TNNA to celebrate their launch. So Jillian and I will be flying out with the lovely Fiona Ellis, and we'll get to meet Ann and Kay, The Yarn Girls, and Margrit Lohrer! Ms Morehouse Merino herself!

I can't stand it, I'm so excited!


It's cold in the office. Feh. [Still, cold is better than hot.]