Tuesday, January 24, 2006

An announcement!

Knitty magazine is pleased to announce the appointment of Jillian Moreno as Editor of Knittyspin. As our readers know, Jillian has been a vital part of Knitty since we began, and Jillian's experience and passion for knitting and spinning [as well as countless other qualifications] make her the perfect choice for the position. She's also great fun at parties.

I will continue to write the Knittyspin column, but Jillian will direct the rest of the magazine, growing it into what we hope will be the best online knitting/spinning resource available.

Everyone, please congratulation Jillian with me!


As a result, I get a promotion too. I'm now Editor-In-Chief of Knitty. Rock.

[This is a change in title only for me. I'll still be doing exactly what I've always done for the magazine. Now I can rest easier, knowing that Knittyspin will get the attention it deserves in Jillian's infinitely qualified hands, and can grow alongside Knitty.]