Friday, January 27, 2006

the Big Girl Knits forum is open

Seems only fair, since there are bound galley copies in circulation after TNNA last weekend.

You'll find a place to tell us what you think here. And damn, we sure hope you like it. :-)


The Tuscany shawl swatching continues, and has now, thankfully, progressed into full-fledged sample knitting. I send thanks to the heavens for Ms Mandy Yarnageddon, who made the suggestion that made it finally work out as I'd envisioned it.

I love you, Ms Mandy.

p.s. this shawl will be in the No Sheep book, too. Eee! WAIT till you see the colorway Handmaiden sent me to knit it in. I weep.


Stuff I didn't mention yet:

- I met with my publisher [the nice Interweave people] at TNNA. Final decisions on the shortlist are forthcoming momentarily, and we'll be picking colors shortly. For everyone waiting on a message, I'll be writing them all this weekend.
- Big plans are afoot, and I can't go into detail about many of them. But they're good.
- One I can tell you: starting this weekend, I'll be blogging all the new yarn that comes my way, long before it hits your LYS, likely. I have treats from this weekend I'm dying to share with you and need fresh daylight to get good pictures so you can savor every bit of the new stuff that's coming out. This will be a regular feature of the KnittyBlog, and my great pleasure to bring to you.

That's all for now. Back to work for me!