Friday, January 06, 2006

bunny update

thanks for all your sweet notes. you guys are nice. :-)

Boeing -- 5.2 lbs
Squeeze -- 3.8 lbs

clearly i underestimated one and overestimated the other.

meanwhile, recovery continues chez knitty. boeing took a full day to resume poopage and even longer to rediscover her water bowl. i was getting a little worried there.

they're now both surprisingly accepting of their temporary confinement [watch -- i'll regret saying this almost immediately] and are doing well with the blessed trio of eating, drinking and pooping. we've got to check their incisions nightly, which isn't fun for any of us, but we do it. one more week till they get the stitches out and they are re-released to cause havoc on the world.

we're also planning to celebrate the stitch removal [a few days later] with a nice bonding car trip. we're thinking bobcaygeon and back might be far enough away to do the trick. :-)

yup, that's a tat you see in squeeze's ear. we're not pleased, but that's how they came, and we love them anyway. if it were a little skull or something, maybe that would be cool. i joke.


also, i am spending my evenings swatching silk lace.

that is all. back to drop-down menus in excel. woo hoo, my days are so much fun!