Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I meet the coolest people

People, meet Kory. Read Kory's Livejournal entry for today. She did what I've been either too busy [that's the excuse I can be proud to give] or too chicken I'd wreck the things [more like the truth] to do. AND she tells all about it.

She dyed silk hankies with kool aid. And she spun 'em up! And the resulting skein looks a hell of a lot like a skein of Manos, but completely sheepfree.

Kory! How you spin so thick? Wheel? Do tell! And thanks huge for sharing. I've got to go buy a case of the stuff. I must have a pound of hankies waiting to be dyed. [After TNNA. I'm crazy, but I'm not nuts.]