Tuesday, January 31, 2006

i weep for pullman.

i am finished the trilogy. i am so sad. i cried just a wee bit on the king streetcar. it's hard to cry in rush hour, let me tell you.

a few links: Heat and Dust, an interview with Pullman which contains my favorite quote from the book, and his reason behind it.

Bridge to the stars, a big reference site. I stumbled across this a few times before I finished the trilogy. If you haven't finished, don't go there. Spoilers up the wazoo.

the BBC4 dramatization. Try the quizzes!

I'm sure there's more. I'm too sad to look now. I have to go download "Lyra's Oxford" from Audible so I don't get the shakes on the way to work tomorrow [i do the audiobook thing on the iPod on the way to and from work every day].

Oh. Pan. Lyra. Will. I miss you all already. [i am so sorry, but this is not a kid's book. wanna discuss? use the comments.]