Monday, January 02, 2006

Nothing deep here.

Sorry, but the deep "a new year is beginning!" post just isn't coming this time. Could be because my column is due tomorrow [and someone forgot to tell me] and so, as I do, I'm saving my juice for the column. Do forgive.

Instead, I offer you pictures with captions.

It's just like I told you. This is Squeeze, running around for days, obsessively gathering each scrap of newspaper she could find [we line her cage with it] to build a nest. How did we get her to stop? We removed the nesting materials, once they threatened to be dangerous to them. A box full of paper with nowhere for a bunny to be, and yet the buns insisted on cramming themselves in it.

The removal of the paper, despite our concerns to the contrary, caused no rabbit trauma whatsoever. Totally confounding to us humans.

And now, some perspective shots of our darlings:

Hopefully you can see how much bigger Boeing is than Squeeze, but no matter. Tomorrow is spay day. The vet will weigh them before the procedure, and then we'll know for sure. I predict Boeing is 6 lbs, and Squeeze...3.25. That is my prediction.

I'm trying not to think about tomorrow too much, honestly. I will just be glad when it's over and successful. These little fuzzy babies have wormed their way into our hearts in a very short time and we really want them to stay.


Holiday knitting. Summary:

Clearly I am not very good at this taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom mirror, but you had to see. I'm likely one of the few people who has never seen Firefly, yet likes the Jayne hat. I saw people talking about it on Craftster, looked at the pic and decided I wanted to make one.

I bought the kit from this nice lady, and honestly, I don't know how she makes any money on it. In the kit, I got full instructions [more than sufficient for even the beginnerist beginner], all the yarn I needed, the pompom premade [by hand!], stitch markers and even a wee bottle of fray check. All that, including postage, for $17? Must be a volume thing!

Anyway, I bought, of course, the cotton kit and the pic shows the result. I knit the largest size, because I wanted it loose, and it's not exactly loose, but it's still fun. The yarn is one of my favorites -- Araucania Nature Cotton -- and it was hella nice just to have everything right at my fingertips as I worked.

Also, I finished the silk wrap, twice. Ripped the silk/silk version cause the colors weren't working, and went with a cotton/silk charcoal grey yarn [also from the stash] and the ball of Handmaiden Lopi. I wanted, as you can see, to hyperblock it [original width on the right, blocked width on the left]. I thought I'd succeeded, but it quietly slunk back to fairly normal garter stitch overnight after coming off the blocking wires.

Pure silk doesn't do that, by the way. It holds blocking beauty-full.

See? Everything I'm doing now, even obsessive holiday knitting, is all learning for No Sheep. I expected that the cotton wouldn't hold the blocking, but when it came off the wires looking just fine, I was hopeful. Oh well. You can't fight nature. So I now have a quite dramatic, very wide scarf instead of a wrap. The colors are delicious, though, and I'm quite pleased with it.

And so I end the post designed to distract me from tomorrow. I don't think it's working. I'm going to go rub my fuzzy girls now.