Friday, January 13, 2006

a rare political moment for me

people of Canada, listen up. if you think the liberal party is the only one touched by scandal, you are mistaken. every political party does things that the rest of us would find, at best, hard to live with. the difference this time is that what Mr. Chretien did is out in the open. you have no idea what secrets are in Mr. Harper's closet.

i cannot vote in the upcoming election, because I'm a US citizen. i voted in the last US election -- fat lot of good that did. i wish i could vote up here. but i'm going to uncharacteristically post something political that clearly states my position, because it's all i can do.

- if you appreciate living in a country that validates marriage between two loving parties, regardless of gender
- if you appreciate that our soldiers were not sent to a war most of the rest of the world objected to

think hard about who you vote for. the Conservatives are not an innocent party. you just can't see into their closets yet. you can, however, look back to what Conservative leader Mike Harris did to Ontario. we're still trying to rebuild the health-care and education systems.

what I love most about Canada is that we're our own country, and we've never been an uptight place to live. i really hope we stay that way.